Celebrate the Day by Doing Good

Pulcra Chemicals donates Skintex® MR III blankets to school children in Tanzania to celebrate the company’s birthday.

Geretsried, July 2016. For the company’s ninth anniversary, the global company Pulcra Chemicals headquartered in Germany celebrates not itself, but life: With the donation of 1,100 blankets, schoolchildren and their families in Tanzania will receive effective help in the defense against disease-carrying insect bites . Pulcra Chemicals is donating a blanket in honor of each employee and each of their major customers worldwide - and that‘s just the beginning of a long-term relief program.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2015 214 million people are still affected by malaria , 88 percent of them in Africa. Although the number of fatalaties from the disease have dropped, the mosquitoes that transmit malaria and other diseases, have already shown resistance to some of the methods that should keep them away.

Pulcra Chemicals CEO, Brian Francois explains how they are leveraging their unique product: „ We equip lightweight textile blankets with an encapsulated insect repellent delete substance. The microcapsules release the repellent through friction when the blanket is used. The active ingredient permethrin has proven to be a very successful protection that the World Health Organization ( WHO ) recommends to treat textiles in the fight against malaria. 

It is also the only microcapsulated insect repellent product with full US EPA (Evironmental Protection Agency) registration. Studies in Africa have also shown the value of the blankets when used regularly. Therefore, we are pleased to be able to help many people in the subtropical and tropical regions of the world through the donation of Skintex® MR III blankets. „The protection also extends to mosquitoes carrying dangerous viruses such as Zika virus, dengue virus (50 million infected annually), yellow fever and West Nile virus. It also repels ticks (Lyme disease carriers), ants, flies and midges.

The donation is done in collaboration with two US organizations: The Emerald Planet helps develop and promote sustainable projects through educational work and international cooperation. The second partner of the fundraiser is Shina Inc: A non-profit organization focused on humanitarian aid worldwide, particularly in rural regions, and will be responsible for the distribution of the blankets to school children and their families in Tanzania.

The donation for the anniversary will not be a one time event. Together with the charities Pulcra is working on a concept to allow individuals and businesses to donate more blankets. The hope is that many companies will follow the example being set by Pulcra Chemicals.

More about the fundraiser: www.skintexmriii.com

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