Spin Finishes:

  • High flexibility and easy handling due to single product concepts.
  • Balanced frictional and antistatic properties allow high fiber spinning speeds without compromising the yarn quality.
  • Outstanding yarn uniformity with very low yarn defects are achieved.
  • High processing flexibility allowing the fiber being processed on different spinning technologies.
  • Concepts can be combined with additional components in order to improve specific properties.
  • Applicable after fiber dyeing processes in order to allow a proper spinning performance.
  • Special product concepts impart a softer touch to the fiber without compromising the spinning performance.
  • Modifiers of viscosity allow a better and cleaner spinning.
  • Due to higher drawing ratios higher fiber tenacity levels can be achieved.



  • Outstanding antistatic properties with low foaming behavior.
  • Compliant with FDA and EU regulations.


Nonwovens provide high flexibility and easy handling due to single product concepts with low foaming behavior.
Pulcra Chemicals spin finishes fulfill the toxicological requirements for hygiene and medical applications, and are compliant with FDA and EU regulations.