Polyester has been a preferred fiber for textile applications. Pulcra offers high performance spin finishes both for filament and staple fiber production.

Technical Application

The market for high tenacity polyester fibers has grown considerably, especially for tarpaulins, seat belts, and tires, where they add durability and strength. Our product range offers not only spin finishes for high tenacity polyester and 1-step and 2-step-standard processes, but also rubber adhesion activators for yarn incorporated into tire cord and mechanical rubber goods applications. We also cover the growing demand of spin finishes matching FDA and EU Directives for food contact.


PET fibers spunlace process:

STANTEX® spin finishes are applicable for the production of polyester staple fibers which are bonded by hydroentanglement. The spin finishes exhibit low foam formation during the spunlacing process.

These products are in compliance with CFR title 21 and EU 10/2011.

PET fibers carded nonwoven:

STANTEX® spin finishes are suitable for the production of polyester staple fibers for carded nonwovens.
They provide durable hydrophilic properties and are suitable for hygiene products such as diapers. The fibers have an excellent carding behavior.

Floor coverings

Polyester is also a fiber of choice in carpet production due to its availability and also its resistance to food staining. Pulcra Chemicals offers approved auxiliaries both for the manufacturing of bulked continuous fiber and polyester staple fibers.