Due to its light weight and hydrophobicity, polypropylene yarn is the material of choice for functional apparel. With our specialized STANTEX® spin finishes for the manufacturing of fine polypropylene partially oriented yarn (POY), we help you to produce flat, draw texture yarn (DTY) and air texture yarn (ATY) with excellent softness and comfort.


Technical Application

Polypropylene is the material of choice for many technical applications. STANTEX® spin finishes are available for filaments (CF) covering the whole denier range including spin finishes for food contact. Furthermore, Pulcra Chemicals offers spin finishes for many different applications like geo textiles, tapes for packaging and others.



Polypropylene staple fiber:

Under the trade name STANTEX®, Pulcra Chemicals offers a wide range of spin finishes for the production of staple fibers which are processed into nonwovens especially for hygiene end use. For these applications, hydrophilic and durable hydrophilic-silicone-free and skin-friendly spin finishes are available. The durable STANTEX® spin finishes provide low rewet and multiple strike through and excellent run-off values. The spin finishes provide good antistatic properties to the polyolefin fibers which results in good carding performance. There are also products available for bicomponent fibers of  polypropylene / polyethylene (PP/PE) and polyethylene terephthalate / polyethylene (PET/PE). Pulcra Chemicals offers products with hydrophobic properties which impart softness. Pulcra Chemicals spin finishes with active ingredients and skin friendly botanical extracts increase the value for the fiber producer and respond to the wellness trend in the market.


Polypropylene staple fiber spun lace process:

STANTEX® spin finishes are applicable for the production of polypropylene staple fibers which are bonded by hydroentanglement. The spin finishes show low foam formation during the spunlace process. The products are in compliance with CFR title 21 and EU 10/2011.


Polypropylene spunbond nonwoven:

Pulcra Chemicals offers spin finish types for the production of hydrophilic and permanent hydrophilic spunbond nonwovens. STANTEX® spin finishes are in compliance with CFR title 21 and EU 10/2011.

The spin finishes are silicone free with excellent skin compatibility. They are ideal for hygiene application like top sheet materials for baby diaper, feminine care, and adult incontinent products. STANTEX® spin finishes provide very low rewet, excellent run off and low multiple strike through values.


Polypropylene staple fibers for geotextiles:

STANTEX® type spin finishes are suitable for the production of staple fibers which are processed into geotextile nonwovens. The spin finishes have excellent antistatic performance and low friction properties, and are capable of being processed at high speeds.



Polypropylene is the economical solution for many carpet applications. The biggest share is produced as bulk continuous fiber (BCF) yarn. Our STANTEX® spin finishes perform well on all machine types and for many applications including Soft Touch. Tapes used as carpet backing covered with STANTEX® offer excellent performance regarding stitching forces.