Spin finishes are commonly applied from an aqueous emulsion which is subject to bacterial and fungal contamination. If an emulsion is used, bacteria is likely to attack the system. In such cases, bactericides may be a necessity. Our RESISTA® type bactericides are a good, efficient choice and performance partner with our spin finishes.


Foaming is an unwanted side-effect that often occurs when diluted spin finish is handled.
Pulcra Chemicals defoamer can prevent foam formation even at very low dosage.
They are versatile in use and can be metered easily.


For those companies blending their own spin finishes, Pulcra Chemicals offers the versatile brand name products STANTEX® K and Katax®.

Lotion for Nonwovens:

Belsoft® Care 6287 is a cosmetic grade skin care lotion for the treatment of topsheet
material of absorbent products. It has skin care properties and gives softness.
The lotion transfers from the nonwoven to the skin. It can easily applied by spraying.