Colors change as quickly as fashion. But their brilliance and fastness must last.
Besides the right dyes, the optimum dyeing auxiliaries are of greatest importance.
We have the solutions and have done the work for you.



Competence in all fiber grades and machine technologies

Every fiber and every fiber blend requires its own dye system. Pulcra Chemicals offers the appropriate system for each dyeing process, tuned to your specific machine technology for trouble-free processing and brilliant colorfast results. We offer defoamers for different customer needs. We have a wide range of dying auxiliaries for various fibers and machine combinations.

Our product range includes Pulcra Brand Names
Defoamer BREVIOL® types
Levelling Agents BREVIOL® types
Deaerating Agents FORYL® types
Destruction of Residual Peroxide LORINOL® types
Crease Preventing Agents BREVIOL® types
Products for Fastness improvement STABIFIX® types
Reducing Agents LORINOL® types
Fiber Protecting Agents BREVIOL® types


  • Comprehensive range of finishing effects on textiles available for all application methods
  • Special developments for virtually every desired effect on nearly all fabrics
  • Quality that is recognized worldwide