Finishing is the “grand finale” of the process chain. We help fashion designers' ideas materialize and manufacturers produce garments efficiently. The market is increasingly calling for textile finishes with specific added effects: Where convenience is the main objective, easier care, enhanced durability, and improved comfort. As in any good relationship, the chemistry has to be right. And we make sure it is: The finishing of textiles for special wearability, usage, processability, or fashion features is a question of precision chemistry.
We offer you ideal formulations to make your product visions a reality: Smooth or soft, glossy or matte, wash and wear, crease-resistant, shrink-proof, dirt, oil and/or water repellent.
Our new product group for Technical Textiles imparts flame retardants, paste coating and double dot coating products for applications with hot melt powders, polyurethanes, formaldehyde-free filling finish, reactive polyurethane hot melt for lamination of breathable foils and technical textiles.

Our product range includes Pulcra Brand Names
Resin Finish STABITEX® types
Antistatic Agents KATAX® types
Coating Agent and Additives STABICRYL®, STABIFORM®
Binder TEPHABIND® types
Stiffening Agents STABIFLEX® types
Paste Dot Coating STABIFORM DC® types
Flame Retardants NONAX FR® types
Water and Oil Repellents REPELLAN® types
Hydrophilic Agents NONAX® types
Antislip Agents DURASOL® types


  • Comprehensive range of finishing effects on textiles available for all application methods
  • Special developments for virtually every desired effect on nearly all fabrics
  • Quality products which are recognized worldwide.