The pretreatment of yarns and fabrics prior to dyeing is a science. Before a fiber can be dyed uniformly, everything in it has to come out including all the natural soiling and all the upstream processing aids, such as finishes, lubricants, and sizes. Desizing through washing and bleaching, pretreatment involves more than just cleaning.

Efficient systems for optimal effects
When it comes to combining all these elements into efficient chemical systems, Pulcra Chemicals is your ideal partner. With our comprehensive understanding of the processes, lab skills and knowledge of machinery and materials we can assure you achieve the best results.

A whole spectrum of specialties

  • Continuous pretreatment of cotton and cotton mixes. Products such as COTTOCLARIN®, STABILOL®, and SECURON® stand out for their low foaming, rapid wetting and optimal emulsification – and have made us a global market leader.
  • Discontinuous pretreatment of cotton and cotton mixes. Our washing, dispersing and emulsifying agents such as FORYL® stand out our for their rapid wetting and optimal emulsification and wash out of water-soluble and emulsifiable substances.
  • Processing aids for mercerizing cotton. Foam-free processes with biodegradable products such as FLORANIT® improve the dye uptake, luster, and processing properties.
  • Spearheading solutions for pretreatment of elastane and elastane fiber mixes. SYNTERGENT® and SOLVOCLARIN® dispel even stubborn silicone-containing oils and put an end to unwanted yellowing.



  • Special pretreatment products with toxicological and dermatological certificates for medical use, such as surgical cotton
  • Customized problem solutions and innovative, economical concepts
  • Broad product range for all process stages and all textile fiber types
  • Imparts high absorbency and a maximum degree of whiteness