Flat screen, rotary screen, transfer or jet printing, printing chemistry always follows the same basic principle: The dyes are bound in a carrier substance, then applied to the fabric. The way the fiber takes up the dye is very similar to the processes involved in dyeing. Pulcra Chemicals possesses extensive knowledge in preparing and applying these carrier materials. Whether our customers need thickeners for printing pastes or reducing agents for the discharge process, we can meet their needs.


Synthetic or natural is a crucial question in printing chemistry, and one which can only be correctly answered by aiming for the best possible results Do you want acrylates, alginates, guar, or other thickeners?  Wherever possible, we preferentially select natural-source, biodegradable substances. Pulcra Chemicals offers natural thickeners for printing of cotton, wool, and slik; and acrylates for polyester and silk.


  • Product focus on natural, biodegradable substances
  • Printing thickeners for all fiber grades and printing processes
  • Improvement of colour yield, contours and fastnesses of prints