Raw material combinations for maximum effectiveness – Sizing

Sizing is critical to weaving warp yarns. Pulcra Chemicals designs efficient size formulations to ensure that high-speed weaving machines do what they should—function trouble-free, 24 hours a day, with maximum efficiency. We strike the balance by designing the best solution for our customer’s specific needs.

One address for all size raw materials

Pulcra Chemicals offers needed sizing properties from a single source. Depending on our customer’s needs, we select film-forming polymers from a wide range of classes. That includes natural oils and fats for the sizing bath and lubricants/rewaxing agents as well as synthetic oils and polymers for cold sizing.
We offer starch, cellulose-, polysaccharide derivatives, Polyester resins, PVA and copolymers as staple fiber filament and cold sizes. QUELLAX®, INEX®, HORSIL®, FIBROCOL®, FIBROPUR®, FIBROSINT®, FIBROTEX®, FILASINT® are well-known Pulcra Chemicals brands for sizing auxiliaries. AVIROL® gives the sizing film its suppleness, MOLVENIN® is just as environmentally favorable as starch but technically far superior. Since the size has to be removed in downstream processes and enters the wastewater, environmental compatibility is an absolute must: Our range therefore includes the right solution for all environmental and wastewater requirements.


  • Broad product range of sizing agents appropriate for all fiber and yarn types
  • Improvement of profitability and quality of weaving processes
  • Many varieties of cold sizing agents
  • Product solutions for all environmental and wastewater needs