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High performance

for high performers

Pulcra Chemicals supplies the leather sector with a complete range of specialties designed to ensure that the material can be easily processed and efficiently upgraded to the highest quality standards applicable to leather goods.

Fiber manufacturers around the world appreciate the reliability of our spin finishes. In terms of frictional properties, protection against static charge, wettability and emulsifying capability, our products are at the top of the class.

Easy handling, high storage stability and good wash-out characteristics are all part of the package with Pulcra Chemicals’ products. All that is necessary for a consequently outstanding running performance along the production chain regardless the technology used.

Moreover, our chemical solutions are designed with sustainable principles, for high occupational safety and minimized environmental burden.

A specialized product range is available for a wide range of applications:

  • Apparel
  • Floorcoverings
  • Technical textiles
  • Nonwovens


Sustainability is an important component of the philosophy and commitment of Pulcra Chemicals. Together with our employees is this approach the key to our philosophy of sustainable development.


Whatever your product is, we develop solutions for it: our product range offers technical solutions for a wide range of customer requirements.


Get informed about new products and technologies around the Pulcra world.