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Hygiene & Medical

Hygiene and Medical 




Pulcra Chemicals provides customized highperformance products and system solutions for increasing the productivity and environmental compatibility of complex manufacturing processes in the fiber, textile and leather industries. We also develop and market specific and complex finishing treatments for hygiene and medical applications for a wide variety of end-markets.

Medical articles which are used for the purpose of wound care are mainly based on textile raw materials and sold under the denomination medical dressing. Medical dressing is used for wound care, for secretion absorption, for the application of medication and for the support of body parts.

Medical dressing materials which are meant to cover surface-damaged body parts or absorb their body liquids are subject to the medical law. Since 1995 the quality of medical dressing materials are regulated with in the EU member states by unified guidelines. In Germany the „Law for medical products“ is in force which classifies medical dressing materials in standards by their use according to their purity and quality requirements.

The auxiliaries can be used for the production of medical and hygienic textile articles. Some products are even toxological certified.

Textile Articles for Hygiene Applications

Textile Articles for Medical and Hygiene Applications

Personal Protective Equipment

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