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Mastering multi-layered performance requirements for spunlace fibers with confidence:

For decades, spunlace nonwovens have found numerous applications and are an integral part of the textile supply chain. Thanks in particular to hydroentanglement and high material flexibility, they are ideal for numerous hygiene applications. Due to the high variety of end applications and the high performance pressure of a globally operating market, fiber manufacturers are confronted with a high number of different specifications that have to be met.

The modern production of spunlace nonwovens therefore requires special fiber qualities and appropriate fiber finishing solutions, such as those provided by Pulcra Chemicals GmbH.Effective protection against static charge at high process speeds often goes along with high foam generation. Foaming, however, might obstruct the continuous process of hydroentanglement, even bring it to a stop.

Pulcra Chemicals GmbH is able to successfully bridge this supposed contradictory basic requirement for spunlace fibers and offers suitable solutions and components accordingly. Here, the use of defoamers based on silicones and/or any particles for fiber production is deliberately avoided.

In the case of sensitive applications, the entire supply chain is evaluated according to product safety criteria, including the fiber lubricant that supports and accompanies the entire process.

For example, Pulcra Chemicals GmbH does not use any animal components. Renewable raw materials used are free of genetically modified raw materials and can originate from certified sustainable cultivation. Current regulations are complied with and the conformity requirements for food packaging according to FDA § 21 and EU Directive 10/2011 can also be met. This means that even the most stringent product certifications are made possible by the fiber avivage. 

Due to the STANTEX® and KATAX® finish solutions and components of Pulcra Chemicals GmbH, which have been specially designed for spunlace applications, a large number of current specifications for spunlace fibers can be met. Compliance with a wide range of requirements in terms of process capability and productivity, as well as in terms of product and application safety, can thereby be met and taken into account at the same time.



As a specialty chemical producer, PULCRA is in the business of understanding complex problems and co-creating safe, timely, and effective solutions. With the spread of the coronavirus, health care systems around the world are being stretched beyond capacity. We and our customers are faced with a new set of high-stakes challenges—challenges that require resourcefulness and innovation based on reliable science.  

We are already contributing to the solution with specialized chemicals and textile auxiliaries that can be used in the manufacturing of textile articles for protection and hygiene.  Furthermore, PULCRA chemists and technical consultants can provide a vital resource to our customers’ ongoing innovation efforts. 


PULCRA produces some ready solutions for use in protective hygiene and medical applications:

  • STANTEX® products to be applied on fibers and/or nonwovens for either hydrophilic (durable and non-durable) or hydrophobic properties with outstanding skin friendly features.
  • REPELLAN® products based on fluoro chemistry which can be applied and used in fabrics to create a barrier/repellency of water, oil and blood. 
  • BELSOFT® CARE softener solutions to be applied in the paper industry.
  • SILVADUR™ antimicrobial technology can be also used in uniforms, workwear and protective cloths.  


At PULCRA, we are proud that our mission extends to protecting people, first responders and medical staff who face personal risk, long work shifts and stressed conditions in the fight against COVID-19 and other serious medical conditions. 

STANTEX® products are being largely used for manufacturing fibers and nonwovens going into hygienic applications. Its concepts which are compliant with FDA and BFR regulations are ideal when using materials in direct contact with the skin. Excellent skin compatibility, softening properties and high performance once control of liquid transportation is needed, are some of their features. PULCRA is ready to support you in with this and other custom applications.

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REPELLAN® products are based on fluoro chemistry which can be applied and used in fabrics to create a barrier/repellency of water, oil and blood. This product is used in the application and finishing of medical uniforms, workwear or protective cloths. We have more than 25 years of experience applying REPELLAN® solutions, always following the specifications and taking in consideration the unique requirements of our customers. PULCRA is ready to support you in with this and other custom applications.

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BELSOFT® CARE softeners with toxicological and dermatological certificates. With our innovative softener solutions for the tissue industry, we provide everything you need to achieve a new experience of good feeling for your customers and end users. It does not matter if you need matchless softness of tissues, toilet paper or napkins, or special botanicals that provide sense of well-being that you can really feel.

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SILVADUR™ antimicrobial technology is the most durable, reliable, and advanced antimicrobial technology on the market — eliminating the concern buyers face with antimicrobials that wash away after one or two launderings.

The patented, silver ion technology found only in SILVADUR™ can extend the life of protective garments and turns ordinary scrubs into hospital assets. SILVADUR™ technology is able to withstand high temperatures and chlorine laundering, extending the useful life of each treated garment. Not only do garments treated with SILVADUR™ have hygienic effect in general they also stay fresh and protected from bacteria that cause odors. SILVADUR™ minimizes odor-causing bacteria on the fabric surface, keeping odors at bay. PULCRA is ready to support you in with this and other custom applications. Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

SILVADUR™ is a registered trademark of DuPont de Nemours, Inc.

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Pulcra Chemicals

Pulcra Chemicals es una importante desarrolladora y fabricante de las sustancias químicas innovadoras para las industrias de fibra, tejido y curtidos. Pulcra crea valor añadido para nuestros clientes desarrollando soluciones que definen el aspecto, tacto y sensación y añaden funcionalidad a los materiales de nuestros clientes, generado por nuestro equipo de 300 ingenieros desde 13 lugares del mundo. Tenemos más de 140 años de experiencia y trato con clientes.

Pulcra aporta a la industria aplicaciones y soluciones de procesos para los efectos, la sostenibilidad y el rendimiento.
Nuestra sede central está en Geretsried (Múnich), Alemania. 

Pulcra está comprometida con la seguridad, cumplimento de las normativas y programas de calidad.

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