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Performance Products

Performance Products



We create solutions

Reliability and immediate problem-solving is the key criteria for a chemical company and Pulcra Chemicals is ready to serve the needs of different industries in performance where chemistry plays an important role. Our mission is to help our customers perform better in their areas with a strong support from our deep knowledge of chemicals.

We serve a wide variety of end-markets including household and personal care, coating and metal treatment, food and water treatment. Amine oxides, sulfosuccinates betaines, amphoterics, EO/PO based surfactants, defoamers, ethoxylated alcohols of different grades are among the products we develop and produce in our worldwide production locations.

Formulators working for many diversified industries know that Pulcra is a good partner to discuss chemistry and how to perform better in their new projects.



Sustainability is an important component of the philosophy and commitment of Pulcra Chemicals. Together with our employees is this approach the key to our philosophy of sustainable development.


Whatever your product is, we develop solutions for it: our product range offers technical solutions for a wide range of customer requirements.


Get informed about new products and technologies around the Pulcra world.