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pulcra innovation automotive

Innovation for sustainable car leather

Pulcra Chemicals has broadened its line of low VOC and FOG car upholstery fatliquors which meet not only all current standards, but are also a milestone for future developments. Sirial AWK, a bionic fatliquor containing a natural polymer component, shows extraordinarily good heat and light fastness and gives very low emissions. It promotes a neutral odor in leather and is especially recommended for white and very light colored car interior leathers of the highest quality. Sirial AVC, a combination of fatty polymers with highly purified vegetable oils, is used for all car upholstery leathers, where a very fine and flat grain after milling and a pleasant touch is required. Sirial AVC is a high concentration product with extremely low emission values; it is based on fully renewable raw materials. 

A newly developed, free formaldehyde retanning resin Drasil TS, can be used as a replacement for syntans in wet white leathers. Drasil TS has very good heat and light fastness, improves the overall tightness of the grain also by filling emptier parts of the leather. Due to its affinity to amine groups of the collagen, Drasil TS can lead to an increase in shrinkage temperature and has a remarkable effect on the physical fastness of leather, including tear strengths. Drasil LP is polymeric product, which gives both fullness and moderate softness. It has a stabilizing and leveling effect on grain tightness and grain pattern, gives a slightly greasy, round touch, a very light leather character and actively improves heat and light fastness of the leathers. Drasil LP does not contain or release formaldehyde.