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Staple Fiber / Processing Lubricants




Pulcra Chemicals has traditionally supplied a comprehensive and reliable range of products for processing wool in all stages of its development from fiber to finished fabric. In addition to global market leaders such as SELBANA®, which is used in the manufacture of worsted yarns, a number of highly specialized products have a fixed place in the product range:

Wool top making/ worsted spinning

Pulcra Chemicals offers effective lubricants like SELBANA®, KATAX®, SILKOL® or SPREITAN® to be applied before carding and combing of scoured wool.

Woollen-/ semi worsted spinning

By the application of Pulcra Chemicals auxiliaries high processing performance is achieved, even when sensitive fibers like merino wool, alpaca, llama, cashmere, mohair, silk and their blends with synthetic fibers are processed. SELBANA®, KATAX®, SILKOL® or SPREITAN® formulations help to optimize yarn evenness, yield and minimize neps, thin/thick places, waste and dust formation.

Needle punch operation
Efficient lubricating with SELBANA®, KATAX® and/ or SILKOL® in needle felt operation is important for effective carding and downstream needling. Excessive needle wear and breakage and damaged fiber are minimized in the production of e.g. geo-textile, artificial leather, carpets and felts for the use in automotive application. For automotive end use Pulcra Chemicals offers well approved lubricants with low VOC and FOG values.

Twisting/ coning
The application of SPREITAN® in twisting helps to reduce dust and fiber fly by reducing the fiber to metal friction. Pulcra Chemicals provides coning oils based on mineral oil and synthetic lubricants. Due to their excellent lubricity and wash off properties they are widely used in Polyamide and Polyester industries.


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