High-Tech for strong Leather

At Pulcra, we have further improved our benchmark product for high tear resistance in leather. The new product, PERAMIT® LSW-X, uses innovative extended technology and combines it with high-end lubrication. The key advantage of the extension is that the lubricating molecule is now about twice as long as in conventional chemistry, which at the same time increases the uniformity of distribution. This results in significantly less friction between the fibers, improving not only tear strength but also tensile strength. 

The extended technology also makes it possible to produce the product in the form of a fully pumpable microemulsion, which brings important advantages in terms of product handling and stability.    

The result is a remarkable improvement in tear strength of between 15 and 30% and a simultaneous improvement in tensile strength of about 20%. The product has a superior emulsion capacity, contributing to the production of leather with better uniformity. Other advantages include very low emissions and excellent heat and light fastness.