Bio-based chemistry for high-performance leathers

SIRIAL® A NATUR plays a central role in Pulcra Naturalis®‘s new portfolio of bio-based products. This fatliquor possesses exceptional physical-chemical properties and stands out with its remarkably high content of raw materials from non-fossil sources. Whether used in the main fatliquoring of wet-white or wet-blue leathers, SIRIAL® A NATUR provides a luxurious touch, excellent fullness, and softness all at once. 

One of the key highlights of this new product is its complete absence of fossil mineral oil, leading to a significant reduction in its carbon footprint, by at least 300kg CO2 eq/t of product(*). As a result, SIRIAL® A NATUR aligns with eco-friendly practices, promoting sustainability in the leather industry.

Moreover, SIRIAL® A NATUR is an excellent choice for implementing new tanning techniques, including zeolite tanning, further enhancing its versatility and appeal. 

(*) comparison with CO2 footprint of conventional car-upholstery fatliquor with similar formulation, containing mineral oil

Pulcra Naturalis® – The bio-revolution for leather processing

With expertise in producing top-quality leather chemicals from renewable feedstock, Pulcra Chemicals has introduced a game-changing initiative. Pulcra Naturalis® promotes a product portfolio with a high content of bio-based carbon, with all products containing at least 80% renewable carbon. This extensive portfolio suits many types of leather and also emphasizes alternative tanning materials, including Coratyl® G in the Pulcra Natur Tanning® concept.