PULCRA TEC® – Fluorine-free, water-repellent

Product Range for all types of fibers

Always stay nice and dry. PULCRA TEC® protects textiles from moisture in the long term. On the one hand, liquids cannot penetrate fabrics treated with PULCRA TEC®. Instead, the moisture remains in drop form on the fabric and can simply be wiped away or run off. It has been proven that clothing treated with PULCRA TEC® retains its original appearance better than untreated textiles. The PULCRA TEC® protective finish can also be breathable or protect the surface against water pressure. Always In addition, PULCRA TEC® withstands many washing cycles.

The logical sustainable and necessary change from classical fluorine chemistry to fluorine-free technology and the associated need for repellent effects for textile
materials is the basis and obligation towards future generations. Sustainable
management and a high level of efficiency form the basis for our product development and stand out in our company Pulcra Chemicals in particular. 

We regard this as a commitment and a task to shape a successful future with
prudence, taking into account the appropriate ecological safety aspects. Under the umbrella brand PULCRA TEC®, Pulcra Chemicals develops its product innovations for the finishing of outdoor, home textiles, leisure and sportswear, but also technical articles with a focus on wash-resistant and durable water repellency. 

Environmental compatibility, functionality and maximum effectiveness are at the forefront of finishes with PULCRA TEC®.


  • Protects against water penetration.
  • Water beads off the clothing drop by drop.
  • Breathability for greater wearing comfort
  • Withstands multiple machine washes 
  • Keeps garments looking like new for longer
  • Excellent suitability for synthetic materials and natural fibers
  • High abrasion resistance


  • Fluorine free technology
  • Free from formaldehyde 
  • Contains no APEO
  • Without addition of melamine derivatives
  • Bio-based products possible
  • Durable wash permanence

Here you will find our PULCRA TEC® Product Range