At Pulcra, we take the issue of formaldehyde seriously. As part of our sustainability initiatives, we have developed DRASIL® FFD Natur, a unique biopolymer-based dicyandiamide resin that is completely free of formaldehyde and boasts a high renewable carbon content. Condensation resins are utilized in leather for their selective filling properties in loose leather parts, such as flanks and bellies. These resins do not chemically bind to reactive groups in dense hide parts but effectively fill the more openly structured fiber regions.

DRASIL® FFD Natur combines the filling power of a formaldehyde-free dicyandiamide resin with the efficiency of a biopolymer. The result is a product with exceptional filling power, excellent heat and light fastness, good buffability, and favorable emission behavior. Suitable for various leather types, including shoe-upper, upholstery, and car upholstery leathers, DRASIL® FFD is especially recommended for strictly formaldehyde-free applications, such as baby articles or medical leathers. This easy-to-use powder product penetrates well in neutralized leathers and exhibits good exhaustion during application. Join us in enhancing the sustainability of your leather articles with the formaldehyde-free dicyandiamide biopolymer DRASIL® FFD Natur.