Leather has all the prerequisites for a top class sustainable material. It is a natural by-product with very long life, comfort and the possibility of being repaired or recycled.

Pulcra helps tanneries produce sustainable leather
Our approach at Pulcra Chemicals is to help tanneries produce and develop sustainable leather. We support to optimize production processes and help sustain the environment through products that meet a variety of labels and standards. Our customers can choose from a wide range of products for a variety of articles and end uses.


  • Development of fatliquors with a higher proportion of renewable raw materials, preferably of plant origin.
  • Use of sugar-based alkyl polyglycoside (APG) surfactants in various degreasing and laundry detergents.
  • Reduction of the use of process water
  • Leather auxiliaries for the production of formaldehyde- and Cr(VI)-free leather
  • Leather auxiliaries for the production of automotive leather and high quality furs.

Specific auxiliaries for all process steps from soaking until pickle, for hides and skins of all animal origins. Choose from a vast portfolio of our beamhouse products CORATYL®, NETAZYM, PERDOL®, PELLUCIT® and RECTIL

PULCRA Process Solutions:

  • Fast and in-depth soaking powered by state-of-the-art enzyme technology
  • Thorough cleaning and easy handling using compact soaking products and tailor-made surfactant concentrates.
  • Thorough cleanliness of meat and hair
  • Low sulfide liming for eco-friendly hair saving processes
  • Ammonium free deliming with mild and uniform action for smooth and fine grain pelts

Benefits of PULCRA Beamhouse:  

  • lowering water consumption by shortening floats and optimizing washing steps
  • reduction of the amount of total dissolved solids, including salts and sulfide.
  • avoiding restricted substances with negative impact on human health and eco-systems
  • proportionally higher volume of solid wastes which may be recycled for alternative applications.
  • lower levels of BOD, COD and nitrogen
  • lower hazardous and/or unpleasant air emissions

Signature products:

PERDOL® VEL – compact soaking agent for perfect and easy soaking process including fresh hides

PERDOL® BSM – environmentally friendly softener based on vegetable APG emulsifiers

PERDOL® ULTRA – amphoteric auxiliary for reduced wrinkles and improved cleanliness

PERDOL® 816 – sulfide-free liming aid for flatter and cleaner pelts

RECTIL® NBG – ammonium free ester based deliming agent

RECTIL® EH – powerful deliming, low in ammonia

Efficiency-optimized degreasing and scouring agents to produce leather and fur of all kinds of animals including very greasy origins. Our customers can choose products from the extensive range of FORYL®, FLUIDOL®, PERAMIT®, PERBON and PERDOL® types.

PULCRA Process Solutions:

  • Highly efficient removal of natural oils from all skin types, even very greasy origins
  • Environmentally friendly products with up to 95% of biodegradability in OECD test
  • Foam suppressed emulsifiers.
  • Cleaner and straighter hair in double face and fine fur
  • Stable emulsions in the bath without risk of fatty spew
  • Degreasing at lower temperature and broad pH range
  • Special, tailor-made products for specific origins and circumstances

Benefits of PULCRA Degreasing and scouring:

  • Low usage amount leading to improved sustainability.
  • Focus on renewable, vegetable based raw materials.
  • Simpler wastewater treatment
  • Significant odor reduction of leathers and fur
  • Reduced likelihood of Cr(VI) formation in chrome tanned leathers and double face

Signature Products:

FORYL® LHC – the blue classic based on vegetable raw materials

FORYL® VLC3 – high concentration for highest demands

FORYL® HIT – one of the most famous products in the market – almost a legend

FORYL® BST – premium degreasing with sophisticated technology

PERAMIT® LW – wool washing boosted by sugar surfactant APG

PERAMIT® ML-N – designed for whither, cleaner wool

Tanning agents and specialties for the production of wetblue, chrome free, metal free as well as aldehyde free tanning methods. Choose any of our CORATYL®, DRASIL® and PELLUTAX®.

PULCRA Process Solutions:

  • Secure achievement of safe shrinkage temperature
  • Easy shaving
  • Soft, but full and round leather character with tight grain
  • White or brilliant leather colors
  • Techniques for high exhaustion

Benefits of PULCRA tanning:

  • Higher exhaustion of tanning agents – lower COD load in wastewater
  • Improved fixation of tanning agent
  • Durable leather
  • Biodegradability and sustainability

Signature Products:

CORATYL G – specialty zeolite for full and tight wet white as well as high-exhaustion chrome leathers

PELLUTAX WBS – low formaldehyde and phenol white replacement agent

DRASIL GL – glutaraldehyde for pre-tannage and special effects

DRASIL AL NEW – chrome free leather and fur

CORATYL SI – key to flex-lock tanning

Just the right fiber lubrication for your leathers and furs. Pulcra offers a wide range of fatliquors and lubricating specialties. GRASSAN, GLYCERMAX, LEDEROLINOR, PELLAN®, PELLASAN®, PERAMIT®, SEDAFLOR, SIRIAL® and TRIANOL are well known and accepted in the “leather world”

PULCRA Process Solutions:
  • Fatliquors based on synthetic and natural oils as well as fatty components from integrated in-house production.
  • Electrolyte stable products for pickle and tannage
  • Modern fatliquors for Automotive leather production that excel through minimal odor and very low emissions.
  • Special products for improving tear strength.
  • High-exhaustion main fatliquors
  • Cationic fatliquors for the right touch
  • High-tech fatliquoring with tailor-made polymeric products
  • Hydrophobing agents
  • Premium kicking oils

Benefits of PULCRA Fatliquoring:

  • Good balance of softness, fullness and grain tightness
  • Light-weight leathers
  • Improved tear strength especially in thin articles
  • Durable quality leathers with the PULCRA Protected Fatliquor Concept®
  • Fatliquors and kicking oils based on renewable raw materials.
  • Optimized Emissions
  • Low odor fatliquors
  • Excellent water repellence

Signature Products:

PELLAN GMS – the green revolution in your pickle bath

PERAMIT LSW NEW – THE benchmark for tear strength of leather

PELLASAN 5007 – natural power for high softness

PELLASAN SXL – high quality lecithin product for car leathers

PELLAN FTW – water repellence on the highest level

PELLAN 802 – for the most pleasant touch and feel of the leather.

SIRIAL AVB – vegetable based with excellent emissions.

SIRIAL AWK – bi-ionic revolution for inner softness

PELLASAN SF17 – softness for difficult origins

SIRIAL ZMO – kicking oil for the most precious and valuable furs

PELLAN GLH NEW – uniformity in the fatliquoring – a real Pulcra classic

Fullness, tightness, sponginess and lightness with the PULCRA retanning agents CORATYL®, DRASIL®, PELLUPUR, PELLUTAX.

PULCRA Process Solutions:
  • Mineral and synthetic retanning agents
  • Products for secure neutralization
  • Polymers designed to fill empty areas of the leather

Benefits of PULCRA Retanning:

  • Adjustment of fullness and softness with extended range of resins and syntans
  • Formaldehyde free resins, designed for selective filling
  • Excellent fullness for low quality raw material
  • High degree of renewable resources
  • Products meeting highest demands of eco-labels

Signature Products:

DRASIL 608 – famous for adding fullness to the leather

DRASIL TX – designed for tight-grain shoe upper leather

DRASIL APN – next generation polymer for high-tech applications incl. Automotive

DRASIL SM – light-weight spongy leather

DRASIL FFD – selective filling with bio-power, free of formaldehyde

DRASIL FJ – the protein booster for your leathers

The right finish for durable and eye-catching leather articles. Choose from a wide product range of finishing products like AVERSIN, EMULLO, EPICOLOR, EPISAN, FONDOFILL, FONDOCRYL®, FONDOFLEX®, KEPECO, KEPOLAC, REPELLAN® and SOFTYMOLL®.

PULCRA Process Solutions:

  • Binders and lacquers of all types
  • Brilliant pigments covering the whole color spectrum
  • Auxiliaries like glossing agents, waxes and pull up oils

Benefits of PULCRA Finishing:     

  • Water-based finishing chemicals for improved workplace safety and protection of the environment
  • Better fastnesses without toxic chemistry
  • Different degrees of brilliance and dull effects
  • Touch modifiers which appeal to all senses
  • Better rub and scratch fastness
  • Covering effect for quality upgrading
  • Fashion articles

Signature products:

FONDOCRYL® 525 – soft compound for perfect covering

FONDOCRYL® CP 415 – compact binder for corrected grain with superior covering

FONDOFILL® CB – Wax and resin compact for burnish and polish items without loading surface

FONDOFLEX® CPF – compact PU resin for full grain napa shoe upper, handbag and garment leathers. Good covering with natural look

FONDOFLEX® 359 PLUS – high quality basecoat solution