Sustainable Beamhouse reloaded – with Pulcra Chemicals

Beamhouse causes the main pollutions in tanneries: salt, dirt, sludge, nitrogen, sulfur and protein fragments are released, giving high oxygen demand (COD) or biological oxygen demand (BOD) values in wastewater. Also, the consumption of water is exceptionally high: more than 60% of the water used for leather production is consumed from soaking to tanning. 

Beamhouse, on the other hand, is the very art of leather making. Properties, like mechanical fastness, flexibility, fullness and the preservation of an intact grain structure are influenced by a proper conduction of beamhouse processes. In beamhouse, not only the choice of appropriate chemicals is of importance, but also a profound knowledge and experience of the very processing. 

Pulcra Chemicals offers latest technology beamhouse chemicals for a secure and environmentally sound beamhouse process. 

Environmentally friendly soaking. Our modern soaking agents combine high efficiency with very good eco balance and low toxicity. Synergistic combinations of hydrotropic substances with biobased components are the core of our soaking agents PERDOL® ULTRA/S ECO and PERDOL® 8011. With these products we are very successful in doing shorter soaking processes with lower amount of water. Our latest technology enzymatic soaking agent PELLUCIT® 8008 helps to remove unwanted components such as hyaluronic acid and is the perfect choice also for the soaking of difficult fresh hides without damaging the grain structure. The combination with CORATYL® 8020, a sharpening agent gives a secure control of swelling, reducing the tendency for wrinkle formation. 

Sustainable liming. Our new liming auxiliaries and processes make it possible to reduce the amount of sulfide in liming and subsequently in wastewater. Subsequently, less swollen pelts with a more open structure and significantly less wrinkles are obtained. Wherever possible, we promote hair saving liming, which, apart from the reduction of sulfide, makes it possible to reduce the COD in the wastewater by a factor of 2 with respect to traditional liming. Our liming auxiliaries PERDOL® TGS EXTRA and PERDOL® AR/N are high performing products for sustainable liming. PERAMIT® 8076 is another key product significantly increasing leather quality in liming. Ultimately, for preventing lime-blast, Pulcra has developed CORATYL® 84, which is used in washing of pelts.   

Ecologically sound deliming and bating. With our line of low-ammonia and ammonium-free deliming agents we can make a homogeneous and secure deliming even of thicker pelts in short process times. Products include our highly efficient deliming booster RECTIL EHB, RECTIL EH1 and the bating enzyme preparation PELLUCIT® 2S, which works at a wide range of pH giving a rapid and efficient bating. For all greasy skins, we recommend Pulcra‘s top selling degreasing agent FLUIDOL BN/E.  

We at Pulcra have a great deal of experience in beamhouse operations and can provide you state of the art chemicals and processes, to make beamhouse processes cleaner and at the same time give excellent constant leather quality.