High-Tech fatliquoring with extended technology

With SIRIAL® SFI, our Pulcra development team has crafted a semi-synthetic fatliquor that combines potent lubrication with minimal chemical usage. This achievement is made possible through our innovative extended technology. At the heart of this technology lies the introduction of a polymeric extension between the polar head and nonpolar tail of the fatliquor molecule. This extension offers a significant advantage: it doubles the length of the lubricating molecule compared to those found in traditional fatliquoring chemistry. As a result, it greatly enhances uniform penetration and distribution.

The outcome is a 3D polymeric fiber lubrication, providing remarkable softness while preventing friction and creating a flexible structure within the collagen matrix. This not only improves tear strength but also enhances the tensile strength of the leather. The convergence of longer chains, lower product viscosity, and improved emulsion represents a groundbreaking innovation in fatliquor formulation, resulting in substantial advancements in leather properties.

SIRIAL® SFI is highly recommended for all leather types requiring intermediate softness. Its exceptional low viscosity allows for use in all automatic dosing units. Being semi-synthetic, it exhibits excellent heat and light resistance and imparts a neutral odor to the leather. Additionally, SIRIAL® SFI demonstrates outstanding fogging behavior, making it suitable even for high-end car upholstery leather.