Sustineri Coloring an innovative dyeing technology

The fashion industry has a huge impact on the global environment. In the textile production chain, the dyeing process is considered to have one of the largest impacts due to its intensive use of water and energy. There is an urgent need to find ways to save resources and reduce CO2 footprint. 

Sustineri Coloring is focused on shorter processing time and less use of water and energy. It is based on newly engineered process chemicals, with multifunctional wetting, emulsifying and dispersing capacities, which allow a one bath pretreatment and dyeing process for dark, medium and light shades of cotton and polyester/cotton fabrics by exhaust method.

Sustineri Coloring is the outcome of an ongoing collaboration between Inditex and Pulcra Chemicals to develop new products and processes to address the textile industry challenges.

Key benefits:

  • Pretreatment and dyeing in one bath
  • No machinery investment required
  • Water, time and energy reduction
  • Lower CO2 footprint due to less energy consumption
  • Gentler process conditions
  • Shorter manufacturing process time
  • Effluent reduction