Pulcra and Devan unveil DEVAN REPEL, a new brand in the water repellency market

In a world where water-repellent textiles play an important role in various industries, Pulcra Chemicals, a global leader in sustainable chemical solutions, has joined forces with its subsidiary, Devan Chemicals, to introduce DEVAN REPEL: a new brand in the water repellency market. The first product in that range DEVAN REPEL ONE is a durable water repellent for Polyester and blends developed on the scientific foundation of the companies’ chemical and textile technology know-how.

DEVAN REPEL ONE, the new water repellent takes a smart step forward by combining cutting-edge chemistry with eco-conscious principles. This solution offers a range of interesting benefits:

Superior Performance: The technology offers outstanding water repellency performance, ensuring that textiles remain dry. Whether it’s rain and outdoor wear, outdoor furnishing, shower curtains or multiple technical textiles, the new solution can handle it, making it a strong choice for industries where water resistance is paramount.

Flexibility: The versatility of this technology is another key advantage. It can be applied to a wide range of materials, with especially good results on polyester and its blends, offering flexibility for various applications across industries.

Enhanced Sustainability: This technology is free from perfluorinated compounds (PFCs), and free from isocyanates.

Longevity: Products treated with this water repellency technology are protecting from the elements for a longer lifespan.

Performance, particularly on effect durability, can be boosted to meet different requirements with new DEVAN EXTENDER GEN3. This extender is free of Isocyanate, Butanone-oxime and 2- dimethylpyrazole.

„This collaboration underscores our shared commitment to delivering value to our customers,“ said Thomas Bremer, Global Head of SBU Textile at Pulcra Chemicals and Managing Director of Devan. „By combining Pulcra’s extensive chemical expertise with Devan’s textile technology know-how, we are excited to bring a high performing, cost-effective product to the market.“

Whether it’s keeping outdoor enthusiasts dry in a downpour, ensuring athletes stay comfortable during intense workouts or enhancing the functionality of tents, DEVAN REPEL ONE does the job.

The development of DEVAN REPEL ONE is a joint to Devan and Pulcra’s dedication to innovation and sustainability. By continually pushing the boundaries of textile technology, Devan and Pulcra are helping to create a more comfortable and sustainable world.

To learn more about DEVAN REPEL ONE and the innovative solutions offered by Pulcra and Devan, please visit www.devan.net